Saturday, November 1, 2008

A redneck math test

Here is another funny.

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Stephen said...

Unless we can call this a case study of the challenges faced in mid-western education, or unless it's about how to map intellectual curiosity over redneck space I'm probably near 100% off-topic here. Humor in any event. Your post reminded me of something.

One evening as a TV show called "dirty jobs" was showing a fellow who's family business (multi-generational) had been charcoal production. My wife is from Missouri originally, and the cadences and intonations caused her suddenly to perk up and pay closer attention to the show.

The interviewer asked the current patriarch running the family business how it was that charcoal burned at all given that it was burned wood in the first place. It was clear that he was uncertain and the interviewer pressed a little.

In that particular unmistakable twang (which my wife was able to place with astounding geographic precision) he muttered words that so perfectly captured a subtly textured wisdom that I've become certain that there exists some universe in which his utterance might merit immortality: "Jus pud a liddle lider-fluid on it."